2016 Carnivale

This year’s Carnivale planning is going in leaps and bounds thanks to a very dedicated PTA Committee and some wonderful parents helpers! There will be so much to see and do for our first all day Saturday event –carnival-poster
fun for the whole family!

Not only will we have some thrilling rides and carnival games, but we have some amazing food trucks, free activities for the little ones, a big stage featuring lots of local talent, and a fantastic market stall where you can find some amazing local craft and produce.

We are opening the Carnivale
up to the whole community so please tell your friends and neighbours! If you can help on the day, please hand in your slip to the front office or
contact one of your PTA team. A large event like needs needs lots of helpers!

We are advertising the Carnivale via various outlets you may have seen around town – we also have a Facebook event page, so please feel free to share this page on your timeline.


All funds raised from this event are going towards our bike shed – we are nearly there!

See you at the Carnivale!


Thank you

Thank you for joining the PTA Blog. We’ve been running this page for just over 9 months now and we are slowly building on followers. With the help of social media, our commitment to providing you with more information continues to grow. We hope that our communication to you via the blog page, Facebook page and regular updates in the Banksia Bulletin has made you feel more informed of what we are doing and why we are doing it. Your feedback and support is important to our planning, so thanks!

As a little enticement for those who had not yet joined the blog, we ran a raffle with a small hamper as the prize, entry to the raffle was to join the blog. Thank you and welcome to the newcomers. The winner was drawn and it was Despi O’Connor! Yay! Despi is a Year 4 teacher at school and she has spent many hours outside of school helping to improve the school community. She is on the Travel Smart committee and is very active with Mt Martha Basketball Club. Despi is pretty good at running marathons so she recently spent her mornings running laps around the school with the jogging club, offering support and advice to the cross country runners. This training paid off well, as our school took home a lot of ribbons at district cross country level. A well deserved prize hamper has gone home with Despi for her contribution to the school and for being our lucky blog follower.

This year we’ve had a few new parents join the team, we’ve seen more involvement from dad’s and we’ve made a few tweaks to the calendar of events. Some new events have been thrown into the mix, with great success. Here is a recap of the first half of our year at PTA.

The Parents movie night was a fantastic opportunity for newcomers to break the ice with an event for the grown ups only. What a wonderful night with a perfect movie choice. This event was lead by our newest team members Ainslee and Caitlin, and the night was a great success. Well done to Ainslee and Caitlin, who are parents of prep students, for throwing themselves into the PTA from the get go.  Thank you ladies!

Once again the Mothers Day stall was a huge hit with the children, this event was run by Jo. She made a few changes from the years prior with the raffle bringing in massive donations for huge rewards. The children had a great time selecting special gifts for their loved one’s and the volunteers helping on the day were rewarded with a cuteness overload. Great job Jo.

Hot chocolate day was run with military precision by Trish, delivering over 800 hot chocolates, of varying dietary requirements, to the entire school before the morning recess. Trish received a large number of volunteers for this event, which was amazing to see. Kudos to all who helped. Students, teachers and helpers were all singing praise for the comfort and enjoyment of their hot chocolates. Thank you Trish!

D.I.S.C.O night was the bomb! The PTA team made a tough decision earlier in the year to rest the “movie night” for the junior school and replace this event with a whole school disco. Success was made very easy with the 500 plus students rocking out to Gangnam Style on the night. Who knew that song was still pulling a crowd? Elle was the team leader for this event and she was flawless with her decision making. Karen Walker’s son Tim from DJ Walka was pumping out all the tunes along with enough smoke machine action to take me back to my night clubbing days…….yes I may have danced with my glow sticks and pretended I was still in my early 20’s. A great night for sure! Thanks Elle!

Trivia Night is the next event for the PTA and if you haven’t already heard….this event is SOLD OUT. Ticket Scalping is illegal and offenders will be caught, so lets all calm down if you hold the golden ticket! This event is so grand that it needs a “crew” of leaders – Elle, Michelle, Caitlin, Ainslee and Amy are the brains trust for Trivia night and I’m told that they have locked down a few great ideas! Scott Mackay will be hosting the night so we can all rest assured this will be an entertaining evening. There is a wait list for tickets, via cancellation, for those who were not fast enough to secure their seat. Speak to Lorraine in the office to get your name on this list.

Looking ahead we still have a few things on the calendar to organize and roll out. Term 3 will be an important one for the Carnivale committee, so if you’ve got any spare time, please consider helping our committee to make this event run smoothly with high success. We are running this event on Saturday 26th November for the entire day, so you could imagine the planning involve with this event. It’s going to be the biggest fund raiser for the year and we will invite the Mt Martha community to join in. Our school will be on show for all to see, and I’m sure we will host a great event. Please contact Elle Baker via email…….. ellebaker2006@gmail.com if you wish to join the committee. Every minute of your time is helpful.

Fathers Day and Footy Day will be here before we know it. These events are always full of fun. Dates will be posted on blog, Facebook and Banksia Bulletin. We also have another Parents night on the calendar, so stay tuned for news on that.

Our school will be set up as a polling booth on Election Day 2nd July. There will be a sausage sizzle from 9.00am so if you are voting at school, bring some cash for a sausage in bread.

Thank you to all of the parent who have taken the time to stop and thank us for the events that we run. Your feedback is great, and it’s our pleasure to keep you all entertained. I hope you all have a wonderful winter break and spend precious time with loved ones. Rug up and get outside when the sun is shining, I’m told that kids don’t feel the cold (although I hate the cold). For those lucky enough to be traveling…..stay safe and enjoy your holiday. See you all next term when we hit the ground running.

Many Hands Make Light Work!

Fiona x



Disco Night

Wow what a great night had by all who attended the discos. It was the first one the PTA have done for a few years and there was a great turn out with approx. 350 at the junior disco and 150 at the senior. DJ Walka did an amazing job keeping the dancers happy and moving. If you are after a DJ I’m sure we all agree he now comes highly recommended. Check out Tim Walker at DJ Walka Productions on Facebook. A big thank you to all the Staff and Parent helpers who came and helped make it a fantastic night for the kids.


Hot Chocolate Day 1st July 2016

* 80 x 2L of milk

* 16 containers of hot chocolate

* 1000 marshamallows

plus more was ordered for hot choc day to be a success.

Jo and I came in at 8am early Wednesday morning and set about organising the set up of hot choc day.  We had about 40 fabulous helpers which was amazing and everyone helped make the day so much fun.  Thank you everyone so much for giving up your time and helping put smiles on all the kids faces.

The morning was crazy and fun and I loved being part of it.

I was also very happy to support the local farmers by buying the local milk.  Every little bit counts and our school did support them.

The feedback I received was very positive and the kids all loved drinking their special hot chocolate…..thanks again and I appreciate it soooooo much

Thanks Trish Pell


We cater for all types……..no one should miss this special treat


Our token dad parent helper…..thanks Mick!


The delivery trays ready for the Year 6 helpers


Some very happy Year One students enjoying the first delivery


This little champ makes our hard work worth everything, such excitement in his face!



Behind the scenes at the Mothers Day Stall

Hi MMPS Families

I hope you all had a nice Mothers’ Day with your Mums and families.  The Mother’s Day stall was a big success with the students enjoying buying some lovely gifts for the Mums, Grandmothers and other special Mother figures in their lives.  Thank you to all that helped out on the day with the stall and also selling the raffle tickets.  A special thanks goes to Jo our PTA secretary for putting her hand up to organise the stall and raffle, a lot of work and very much appreciated.

A huge congratulations to our raffle winners.  I hope the winning Mum’s and families had a lovely surprise on Sunday.  Enjoy those goodies!!


1st prize Charlie, 2nd prize Tia, 3rd prize Tess & 4th prize Deb (Office Staff).

The team of helpers ready for the first shift on the stall. Jo and Trish ready for a big day.


Some of the children selecting your special gifts!


It’s fair to say that our parent helpers enjoyed working on the stall as much as the children enjoyed shopping at the stall. Another fantastic effort by all of those involved! We hope you all had a great Mothers Day.

Massive thank you to all of the sponsors and local businesses who were very kind to donate products to the raffle and stall.

Anne-Marie Raymond (Thermomix)
The Good Guys Mornington
Myrtle and Moss
Grass Roots Yoga
KX Pilates
Yoga by the Bay
Jardinerie Mornington
Summer Salt Body
Yoga By The Bay
Jonathon Pritchard
Olieve & Olie
Wellbeing Magazine
Hinkler Books
Dr. Bronners
Yoga Life Magazine
Pilot Pens
Diacos Plants


Mothers Day Raffle and Stall

Hard working mothers deserve the best and this year, yet again, we’ve got you covered! Our team has been flat out sourcing donations from such a large variety of generous suppliers. If you are a mum that needs to be pampered, 1st Prize – The Pampered Mum Hamper has been designed for you. For all you active mum’s in your “active wear”, 2nd Prize – The Active Mum Hamper has you covered! I fall into the category of “foodie mum” so I guess I’ll just accept 3rd Prize – The Foodie Mum Hamper right now and be done with it! If you love a good cleaning day, 4th Prize – The Cleaning Mum Hamper is just perfect for you. Tickets sales have been great, with the kids turning up to buy the winning ticket for their mum, although I’m pretty sure the winning ticket’s have not been sold yet! For only $2 per ticket or 6 for $10, that winning ticket could yours. Ticket sales are at the school crossing at drop off and pick up, or in the gym foyer if it’s terrible weather. The winner’s are drawn on Friday 6th and your little darling may be the luckiest student in school when the PTA team deliver’s the winning prize to their class. Dad’s may need to be on standby for a secret home delivery that day! GOOD LUCK MUM”S

1st Prize – The Pampered Mum Hamper (over $1,200 value)

The Wellness Mansion 2.5 hour experience, Big 4 Beacon Resort cabin accommodation, Searoad Ferries car pass, East $100 dining voucher, Jardinerie candle & diffuser, Sukin beauty products, Ecology Organic facial products, Regenerate facial, Tin Shed soaps & lotions, Gingerlily PJ’s, Myrtle & Moss candles, Grass Roots yoga voucher, Nuigini Organics coconut oils and soaps, Wellbeing magazine, Brow Theory lash lift & brow shape, Peninsula Pampering party voucher.


2nd Prize – The Active Mum Hamper (over $500 value)

Blend 2 Go blender, Stretch Now yoga mat & bag, Sunnylife tote bag, KX Pilates 5 session pass, Tonic Gym bottle & month pass, Regenerate massage, Grass Roots yoga 1 month pass, Yoga By The Bay pass & lotion, Peninsula Travel luggage voucher, Yoga Life magazine.


3rd Prize – The Foodie Mum Hamper (over $250 value)

Mornington Bulk Wholefoods assortment of goodies, Nuigini Organics coconut oils and soaps, KOJA cereal toppers, Thermomix accessories, Grass Roots 1 month yoga pass.


4th Prize – The Cleaning Mum Hamper (over $200 value)

Abode cleaning products, Citrolife cleaning products, Clean Conscience products, Microfibre cleaning cloths.

Spoiler Alert coming………….

The Mothers Day Stall continues to been a popular event with the PTA team all pitching in, it’s one of the best days to volunteer your time! I cannot wait to see your children turn up with spending money to pick something very special for you……if your child needs a little more time to decide and might like dad or siblings to help, we have some photo’s of items for sale below for them to look at. Although these items are also on display in the school foyer, we thought we’d give your children a chance to really study the merchandise, as it’s a very serious decision, especially for the junior year levels!

Righto spoiler alert No.1…….look away





Spoiler alert No.2………….look away…….don’t scroll down………..





Spoiler alert No.3……………….Mum’s not allowed




Last warning mum……..    

L O O K      A W A Y

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